About Difference Created

We wanted to create a business that inspires people, gives us (and others) the ability for us to give back to communities and causes that are important to us, and spread hope to people around the world. We enjoy helping people, on their own journey to make a difference, grow their business and create the dreams they are passionate about. A few years ago we each decided that we wanted more for our lives than just the daily grind of the corporate world and so…. WE QUIT OUR JOBS! We quit the comfort of knowing what our paychecks were going to be every two weeks, paid vacations, bonus opportunities and knowing exactly what you were working on every day. We got some crazy looks (and some less than supportive comments), but we were determined. We didn’t know exactly how everything would work, but we wanted the opportunity to try our hand at something of our own and create a life that we were totally happy with. We both have learned that life is short, so there is no time better than TODAY to create a life you will be happy with!

When you purchase a product from our store you are creating a difference. A portion of every purchase goes back to to support someone who is on the ground somewhere around the world, getting their hands dirty and being a world changer.